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Kru Yai Mikey Perez

Southside Muay Thai Academy was founded by Kru Yai Mikey Perez - a lifelong student of martial arts, IFMA Gold medalist and head trainer to nearly 100 amateur Muay Thai champions.


Why choose muay thai at southside

Get In Shape & Meet Your Fitness Goals

With instructor lead classes you can ensure you are training properly and most important get that extra push and stay motivated.

Build Confidence

Martial arts is known to foster personal growth specifically with your self esteem and confidence. Come try something you never knew you could do, and then repeat and repeat again!

Be A Part Of A Team

We are an academy and teamwork is at the core of what we do and we achieve results. Join a team that will uplift you & work alongside to help you achieve your goals.

Best gym in Toronto, amazing coaches and very friendly staff. If you’re someone trying to become a fighter or even trying to get fit, southside Muay Thai is the perfect place. There are classes everyday for beginners and advanced. I highly recommend!
Great place to learn Muay Thai regardless of where you are in experience or fitness level. Not only are the instructors extremely experienced and skilled, they are able to adapt their teaching style for each individual. The community of students always encourage and help each other. As a beginner I value the advice I get not only from the instructors but also other students.
Love this place - a great place to learn, grow, and be at your best personal level of fitness. The instructors work hard at making everyone know that they are welcome here. They will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of. Also, it's a great community where people are encouraging and supportive towards each other's growth. Highly recommended!