Kru Yai Mikey Perez

Kru Yai Mikey Perez's martial arts journey started in 1995. With nearly 25 years experience he is Southside Muay Thai's head coach & instructor.


IFMA 2009 Gold Medal
TBA 2009 Champion
CMTC-A 2009 Champion
IKF 2011 Champion


Successfully lead Southside Muay Thai's competition team in the follow team cups.

  • WMA Best Team 2010
  • Team CUP TBA 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • MTO Team of the Year 2014
  • MTO Nationals Team Cup 2016


Kru Bruce Ong

Kru Bruce Ong started training in Muay Thai in 2009 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team of instructors. With a degree in Kinesiology, and over a decade of martial arts experience Kru Bruce participates in leading our competition team.


TBA 2011 Champion

Kru Jon Cani

Kru Jon has been practicing Muay Thai & martial arts since 2009. He is our resident strength & conditioning expert and leads our boxing program.



Senior Poo Choi Kru Chris Stonehouse

Senior Poo Choi Chris Stonehouse is a homegrown Southside Muay Thai former competitor and senior instructor. Starting his Muay Thai journey in 2014 Chris has been a dedicated member of the team.


TBA 2015 Champion


Mandana Rafat

Mandana began training and competing in Muay Thai in 2012 and has competed over 20 times in Muay Thai competitions.


Destiny Fight Productions 2017 Champion


Senior Poo Choi Fatin Jalal

Junior Poo Choi Fatin joined the team in 2014 and has been steadily competing and participating in leading the classes.





Angelo Simpao

Angelo assists our kids program and our beginner classes. He also participates in competition with the team.