COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Important Information Regarding New Pandemic Procedures

Covid 19 Member Policies: Updated July 19, 2021

  1. Members must wear a mask or face shield upon entry of the facility and must be worn at all times until within the area of your personal fitness box. Only then can your mask be taken off. The face mask be put back on upon completion of work out and before leaving the fitness box with no exceptions. 
  2. As of July 19, 2021 Members if comfortable do not have to maintain a 6 feet (2 m) distance between each other when in class but when walking about the facility we ask as much as possible to respect others decisions about social distancing.
  3. Members are required to stand behind the plexi glass when dealing with memberships or inquiring about the club. 
  4. Upon entering the facility members will be screened at the door with a verbal questionnaire and a temperature scan.
  5. No sharing of equipment and switching of gear.
  6. Members are required to bring a face towel or towel to wipe themselves down during breaks and after class.
  7. Bags and training area must be disinfected and dried before another member can use the training (Bag or fitness box)
  8. Members will enter through the front of the building and exit through the back of the building.
  9. Members are required to book classes via phone until further notice
  10. Members are allowed to book 3 classes per week until further notice
  11. Change rooms and showers are off limits to members. Only access allowed to washrooms.
  12. Members are encouraged to sanitize entering the facility and when exiting the facility
  13. Members are required to be in full equipment and be fully prepared before class begins. Changing rooms are off limits.
  14. No spectators allowed at the moment
  15. No loitering for members. In and out process until the pandemic is over
  16. Your training equipment including gloves, hand wraps, gum shield, shorts t-shirt and shin guards must be fully cleaned and washed before class. No stinky equipment allowed on the floor.


Screening Questions prior to Entering Facility

An additional measure in helping stop the spread of the corona virus.


Screening and tracking of visitors and students should be done at the door prior to entering the facility. It is important to implement proper tracking procedures in cases where your facility might be required to do contract tracing for COVID-19. Make sure screening is done privately and any further information is considered confidential.


  1. Are you feeling sick? (Examples include a new cough, headache, weakness, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste, loss of appetite, chills, etc)
    1. If YES, return home and contact public health, You may be required to self isolate.
    2. If NO, move on to the next screening questions
  2. Have you travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?
  3. Did you provide care or have close contact with a person with COVID-19 (probable or confirmed) while they were ill, and you did not have appropriate PPE?
    1. If YES to questions 2 and/ or 3, do not enter facility. Return home.
    2. If NO to both questions 2 and 3, they may enter the facility.
  4. Scan temperate with temperature gun. If reading is above 37 degrees celsius send them home.


  1. Reduce transmission of the virus
  2. Keep our members and staff safe
  3. Make everyone feel comfortable



It is recommended to also ask if they have any underlying medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer etc. Explain to them the increased risk of illness if they were to contract COVID-19. 

Screen members one at a time, having members line up keeping 6 feet distance apartment. Considering class times this will have to be done quite fast. We would have to ask members to come almost 20 minutes before class to ensure screening time is adequate.  -Muay Thai Ontario