Competition Requirements

Southside Muay Thai regularly participate in competitions with our dedicated fight team. In order to compete and join the team, we have requirements that must be met prior to joining.

Do you meet the criteria listed below?

Attending classes regularly

It’s important to train as a team. Availability will differ among members. Classes are offered during the morning, afternoon and evening to facilitate the ability to participate.

Running 6 days a week

A minimum of 3-5 km a day is sufficient to keep your bones and knees strong. It will also increase your recovery rate when you are sitting on the stool between rounds. While it’s not part of the class curriculum, you are expected to schedule this is and we encourage team runs so please speak with fellow fighters. 

  • Actively watching fights

  • Without watching fights your creative mind and ability to think outside the box is limited. You will also develop an eye for techniques and styles of fighters. Inspiration is something we all need sometimes and actively watching fights feeds our fire to compete.
  • Clinching 

  • We expect you to actively participate in the clinching that occurs outside of class and ask that all fighters find time outside of class to practice.

    Find a group of members

     If you do not work in groups it can be hard to get into training on the days that you don’t feel like it. The difference between winning and losing boils down to the days that you don’t feel like coming in, but you find the motivation and reason to make it happen. Work with like-minded individuals that will support you when you need it the most.

    Don’t just show up, beat the work out

    If you are one to just show up and do the work that is asked of you, you will not go far. You must come to class ready to beat the work out and not just do the work. When you take this approach you grind until the sound of the bell. There should be a strong mentality to do every technique to the best of your ability every class. It’s about doing all the small things exceptionally well. The teaching staff will be looking out for individuals putting in extra work in order to confirm competitions.