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Our Commitment to our Community

We are a team dedicated to developing our community through the sport and culture of Muay Thai. We believe in building a strong foundation that will have a positive affect for years to come.

The Force of A Team - Working together to create positive changes

Our Trainers

Mikey Perez
Head Instructor

"Do what others won't do today so you can have what they won't have tomorrow" - Les Brown


Poo Choi Kru 2008, Kru 2009, Kru Yai 2010, Sr. Kru Yai 2014, IFMA Judge & Referee 2012, TBA-SA Featherweight Champion 2009, CMTC-A Featherweight Champion 2009, IFMA Gold Medalist 2009, IKF Bantamweight Champion 2011


Workshops, Seminars, Program development, Personal Training, Competitve Training, Promotion and Team building training

Bruce Ong

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.


Poo Choi Kru 2010, Kru 2012, IFMA Judge & Referee 2012, TBA-SA 2010 Lightweight Champion


Personal training, Pad holding, Kids class, beginners and advanced kids training

Matthew Perez

Technique over power, be like water my friend.


Poo Choi Kru 2009, Kru 2015


Boxing, personal training, athlete development, outreach programs and Bull style

Matthew Mendoza
Beginner Muay Thai

Give 100% everyday and you will see results. No days off.


Poo Choi Kru 2012, TBA-SA 2013 Featherweight Champion


Group training, personal training, All levels classes, pad holding

Jon Canival
Strength & Conditioning

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard


Muay Thai trainer for over 5 years. Competed in a long list of events and tournaments in North America. Turned attention to specialize in strength and conditioning for Muay Thai athletes.


Strength and power building, conditioning for competiteve and recreational athletes. Personal pad holding and boxing mits training

Derek Dorland
Senior Instuctor

Hard work and dedication is a good recipe for success


Training Muay Thai for over 6 years
2013 TBA-SA Junior Lightweight champion

Specializing in Muay Thai classes of all levels.


Muay Thai pad holding and beginner and all levels classes. Personal pad holding and skill development

Ferb M
Junior Instructor

Do what you love and love what you do


Poo Choi Kru 2016
2016 MTC Junior Provincial Champion 118 lbs


Kids classes and beginner classes. Personal pad holding and strength training

Chris Stonehouse
Introduction to Muay Thai, Kids class

Life is like chess but only in the theatre - Shakespeare


Poo Choi Kru 2016,
2016 TBA-SA Junior Bantamweight champion


Introduction and beginner Muay Thai classes, working with new students and holding pads.

Fatin Jilal
Junior Instructor

For every action there is a reaction equal and opposite in direction - Newton


Poo Choi Kru 2017
2016 MTC National Champion Strawweight division


Introduction classes, mixed classes and kids classes.

Lionel Cox
Personal Trainer

Redefine yourself everyday to see a true transformation.


Poo Choi Kru 2017
Muay Thai training for over 6 years


Skill development and explosive movement. Power and strength training for athletes. Motivating and empowering trainer.

Evan Perrier
Personal Trainer

Muay Thai training over 4 years
Trained and travelled in Thailand Competed Provincially and Internationally
Multiple Jujitsu champion


Poo Choi Kru 2017,
2017 MTC Bronze Medalist
2017 TBA-SA Semi finalist


Personal Training and Pad holder for all experience and skill levels. Emphasis on technique and traditional Muay Thai.

Our goal is to offer a service in Muay Thai training far from the ordinary and, to that end, you can expect our team to provide gracious, unwavering attention to your every need for the best training you can possibly attain here in the Greater Toronto Area. From our elite and experienced trainers to our world class amatuer competition team and more, we take great pride in providing lasting memories while taking your personal growth and empowerment to heights you never imagined were attainable. We're commited to making your experience in Muay Thai everything you imagined about and more. If there is anything that we can do to enhance your experience, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Michael PerezProgram Director