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It's almost time for SS Fitness! Starting late February Southside Muay Thai Academy will now be offering a strictly fitness based class for all ages and experience levels. Our goal is to define, strengthen and tone your body into the best shape of your life! This one hour class will feature energizing work outs that will bring life to your days. More details to follow shortly...

The Southside Martial Arts Education and self defense program offers over 40 classes a month including beginner muay thai, all levels muay thai, strength and conditioning, and intermediate muay thai. Upon completion of each of your leveling requirments, we acknowledge our graduates with certicication quarterly each year. This program is perfect for teens, adults and those that are interested in learning the traditional art of muay thai and for practical self defense.

  • Trainer

    SS Fitness

    Anthing is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

  • Trainer

    SS Fitness

    Work hard today so that life is easier tomorrow

  • Featured

    • Group oriented training
    • Partner Bag and pad work suited for fitness
    • Core exercises
    • Isolation for glutes and thighs
    • Empowring fitness training
    • Challenging exercises

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Our goal is to offer a service in Muay Thai training far from the ordinary and, to that end, you can expect our team to provide gracious, unwavering attention to your every need for the best training you can possibly attain here in the Greater Toronto Area. From our elite and experienced trainers to our world class amatuer competition team and more, we take great pride in providing lasting memories while taking your personal growth and empowerment to heights you never imagined were attainable. We're commited to making your experience in Muay Thai everything you imagined about and more. If there is anything that we can do to enhance your experience, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Michael PerezProgram Director